Kopiesatu Franchise Business Opportunity


What is this business about?
When it comes to Malaysian food, a name that the locals can associate and resonate with will make a lot of difference. That is the intention of the brand name Kopiesatu which is the local phrase that means ‘One Coffee’.

How did Kopiesatu start?
Kopiesatu is a local coffee brand that was started by FAMA (Lembaga Pemasaran Pertanian Persekutuan) Malaysia. The brand started out in 2001 and has been growing under the Mykopiesatu Sdn Bhd umbrella ever since. Today, it has more than 14 outlets operating across the country.

What does Kopiesatu sell?
As the name implies, the main item that Kopiesatu sells is coffee. There is a variety of items available that include blended, hot and cold coffee beverages made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from Indonesia.

What are popular dishes from Kopiesatu?
Their Espresso and Cappuccino are popular hot drinks while Ice Americano and Ice Mocha are popular cold drinks sold by Kopiesatu. Meanwhile, they have their Frappe series that has Blended Matcha (Green Tea) and Blended Chocolate. Customers can also try their pastries like Black Pepper Chicken Pie and Butter Croissants, all of which are common and popular favourites.

Can I operate my own Kopiesatu?
Yes, you can, by becoming a franchise holder with the company.

What should I know about operating a Kopiesatu outlet?

  • Brand Reputation – This is quite a new brand in the F&B industry but is growing steadily among the local customers.
  • Initial Capital – RM96,200.00 – RM390,500.00 depending on which set up you choose.
  • Franchise Fee – RM20,000
  • Royalty Fee – 5%
  • Marketing and A&P – 2%
  • Return on Investment – The startup capital is not very high but considering it is a new brand, you might need 3 or more years to establish your clientele and break even.
  • Location – A very crucial factor for a start as you need to build your customer base. High-traffic locations would be most preferred so as to target more customers through volume sales.
  • Customer Segment – Local shoppers and customers.

The Final Word
Kopiesatu provides a good business opportunity if you are looking for something more affordable. The downside of this is that there is still a long way to go in establishing a strong brand name to compete in the Malaysian F&B market. Hence, you would need to gain a foothold in the area you are operating but once customers know about what you are offering, they will surely return for repeat purchases.

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