Kyros Kebab


Kyros Kebab would most likely be a brand that you would have heard of if you frequent shopping malls and retail areas. In fact, this is one of the most popular names that offer delicious kebabs in various methods at affordable prices.

Kyros Kebab in Malaysia

Kebabs are not common Malaysian dishes but it is one of the very popular food items in the country. It is, after all, one of the most popular Halal food across the world which is loved most in the Middle East.

The healthy kebab option

In Malaysia, Kyros Kebab provides many items on its menu. They promote their kebabs as healthy and tasty which appeals very positively among its customers.

Franchising Kyros Kebab

Kyros Kebab is actually a very affordable food business option. The franchising fee is at RM50,000 where you need to top up if you want to push your business further. What makes Kyros Kebab so popular is that it already has a strong catchment of customers who like this food.

The royalty fees is at 5% while there is an addition of 1% advertising fees. Be prepared to invest about RM200,000 for renovation and design. In terms of competition, there are not many players in the market but you could be staring at a niche market as compared to other F&B brands.

What do our experts say?

The kebab market is still very much uncharted especially with those with a strong brand name. Kyros Kebab is very much established as one of the leaders in this market as there are not many options here.

  • Brand Reputation – Strong and is synonymous with healthy kebabs.
  • Initial Capital – Low for an established brand. The large chunk of funds would go to renovation.
  • Return on Investment – Quite good considering the low entry cost.
  • Location – High-traffic locations in shopping malls. Set up can be small and in a kiosk form.
  • Customer Segment – Shoppers and working people.

The Final Word

Investing into Kyros Kebab can be a good option if you do not have a lot of startup capital. It does have a special customer segment as kebabs might not appeal to the mass market. This could also be a new venture that allows you to learn a new cooking method.

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