Laksa Shack Franchise Business Opportunity


What is this business about?
Laksa Shack is one of the popular names when it comes to Malaysian food. The outlets are commonly found in shopping malls and locations in major cities and towns around the country. When it comes to food, Malaysian love their local dishes and Laksa Shack has a variety of curry-based items to offer.

What is Laksa Shack known for?
Laksa Shack has a strong reputation offering hawker food style dining. Laksa is a noodle soup dish popularly known and loved by Malaysians and that is the signature of this brand with the addition of other Malaysian favourites too.

What types of Laksa are there?
Generally, there is curry laksa made with coconut milk or santan. Assam Laksa is the other variant which is made with tamarind that gives the soup a more sour taste.

What does Laksa Shack sell?
As the name implies, this is an eatery where you can find various types of laksa dishes. This includes the signature Curry Laksa, Asam Laksa as well as variations from across the country like Johor Laksa, Laksam Kelantan, Laska Nyonya Melaka, Sarawak Laksa as well as Laksa Lemak Singapore.

How can I own a Laksa Shack outlet?
You can contact Sierra Circle Sdn Bhd for franchising enquiries.

What should I know about operating a Laksa Shack?

You will need to be aware of:

  • Brand Reputation – A growing brand but very unique. There are not many laksa specialists in the market putting you into a good niche market with the very strong customer base.
  • Initial Capital – RM200,000.00 – RM500,000.00.
  • Franchise Fee – RM50,000
  • Royalty Fee – 3%
  • Advertising Fee – 2.5%
  • Return on Investment – You have a good market catchment for this business. The startup is not as high as other brands and if you are able to sell in volume, you should break even within the first 18 months.
  • Location – Not the top priority as customers tend to look for this type of food in malls.
  • Customer Segment – Mostly local shoppers, families and groups.

The Final Word
The Food and Beverage segment has always been attractive when it comes to franchising. Laksa Shack offers a unique opportunity that can be very profitable since you will be selling a local favourite. Malaysians love their laksa and with a ready-to-sell recipe and an established brand name, there is a very good potential for this business venture which can be extremely profitable in the near future.

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