Liang Sandwich Bar Franchise Business Opportunity


What is the Liang Sandwich Bar?
This is a business that sells the infamous Liang Sandwich endorsed by international singer and actor Jay Chou. It is one of the fastest-growing food franchises in the world today.

How big is Liang Sandwich Bar?
The Liang Sandwich Bar came from China, starting out in 2004. To date, it is the second-largest fast-food franchise in China. It operates more than 12,000 outlets across the world in Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, China and Malaysia.

Is Liang Sandwich Bar popular in Malaysia?
The first Liang Sandwich Bar in Malaysia was opened in Johor Bahru’s Paradigm Mall. It is a Halal-certified brand that now has more than 70 outlets operating across the country.

Why are Liang sandwiches so demanded?
The brand offers a wide variety of items on its menu. The signature Liang sandwich is known for being a healthy food. using non-GMP soybean oil and premium grade flour, they are prepared to ensure the best nutrients are preserved. No trans-fat or artificial ingredients are used in the preparation of Liang sandwiches.

What should I know about owning a Liang Sandwich Bar?
You can own and operate an outlet by becoming a franchisee of this brand. Some factors about the brand include:

  • Brand Reputation – The Liang Sandwich Bar is a very well-established name in the F&B industry. It is often a sought-after place in shopping malls as customers are well aware of the food they serve.
  • Initial Capital and franchise fee – Currently not published and available by request.
  • Return on Investment – This is a business that needs little introduction or marketing. While the startup cost might be slightly higher, you should not have any problem with the business and should recoup your capital within the first 2 years of operation.
  • Location – Not the most crucial although you need to be visible. Customers are known to look for Liang Sandwich Bars if they know there is a branch nearby.
  • Customer Segment – Young shoppers, health-conscious and small groups of diners.

The Final Word
Not many F&B names can command the type of brand image that Liang Sandwich Bars can. Being one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world (and particularly in China), this is one business that has a lot of profit potential. The affordable prices and the superstar endorsement will only strengthen the brand further among its customers and in the highly competitive market.

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