Lim Wee Chai

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Malaysian Billionaire who made Rubbers famous

Top Glove Group of Companies has often been associated with rubber gloves. In fact, it is often regarded to be the company that brought rubber back into the mainstream after having been a ‘raw material’ for many decades.

The founder and chairman of Top Glove is Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai. He is currently ranked at the 22nd spot of the Malaysia’s richest. With Malaysia being the top exporter and producer of rubber, tapping into this market has created a lot of opportunities for Tan Sri Dr Lim.

He was ranked at 41 a year earlier which puts him as one of the most successful in 2015. Tan Sri Dr Lim started Top Glove in 1991 and 10 years later, he went public. He started out in the rubber plantations before working his way to where he is today. What makes Top Glove such a great company is that it currently produces about 25% of the world’s supply of rubber gloves.

Every year, Top Glove rolls out over 40 billion rubber gloves. This is done through its 27 manufacturing facilities that operate 484 production lines.

Tan Sri Dr Lee’s Net Worth

$680 Million

Age 58

Source Of Wealth

The main source of wealth for the Malaysian tycoon was from rubber gloves and this continues to be its primary revenue generator.

Marital Status
Tan Sri Dr Lee’s wife is Puan Sri Tong Siew Bee
Tan Sri Dr Lee has 2 children
Tan Sri Dr Lim graduated from University Malaya with a Degree in Physics and MBA from the Sul Ross State University in Texas, USA.

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