Litecoin Cryptocurrency

Litecoin is yet another name mentioned and traded in the cryptocurrency platform. It has become one of the most invested platforms besides Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Background of Litecoin

Released on an open-source client, Litecoin is the brainchild of former Google employee, Charlie Lee. This was back in 2011 when Litecoin was first introduced on GitHub. In mid October, 2011, Litecoin went live. What Litecoin is really is that it was somewhat similar or in some cases, a part of the Bitcoin Core client. However, it has the following traits:

  1. lower block generation time
  2. higher maximum number of coins
  3. runs on a different hashing algorithm

Highlights of Litecoin

Like other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin has enjoyed tremendous success in many areas. Around November 2013 for example, Litecoin experienced a 100% jump within 24 hours where it reached a market capitalization of US$1 billion that same time. This would then increase to 4-fold some 4 years later. To date, each Litecoin is valued at almost US$375.
Litecoin is the first cryptocurrencies to adopt Segregated Witness among the top 5 others rated by market capitalization. So, what really is Litecoin? We identify them below.

What is Litecoin?

To understand Litecoin, you must understand how Bitcoin works. Basically, Litecoin is:

  1. a peer-to-peer internet currency
  2. it is able to provide instant and at times almost zero-cost payment for transactions
  3. Open-source
  4. a fully decentralized global payment network
  5. no central authority controlling it

Litecoin a good alternative to Bitcoin

Using mathematical algorithms, it helps to secure the network while allowing investors to be in full control of their money. Litecoin helps transactions as it has faster confirmation times. The storage efficiency is a lot better than other cryptocurrencies because of its mathematics-based algorithm. There has been a lot of communities in the internet which has been in full support of Litecoin which include:

  1. forums
  2. Telegram
  3. Reddit
  4. Twitter
  5. and many others

Running on the MIT/X11 license, users are now able to modify and copy the software if necessary. After all, it is an open-source platform. Some important facts about Litecoin:

  1. Blockchain – Litecoin has a higher transaction handling as compared to Bitcoin. Merchants who accept Litecoin get quicker confirmation times
  2. Wallet Encryption – This technology allow the user to secure their wallet while keeping tap of their transactions and balance in the account.
  3. Mining Reward – If you are interested in mining for Litecoin, you would be happy to know that you will be rewarded for your efforts. In fact, you get 25 new litecoins for every block mined

Litecoin in Malaysia

Plus500 is a popular platform to buy Litecoin in Malaysia. Besides that, there are several other online brokers like Bitmax. Basically, you will need to first buy Bitcoin or Ether and then convert them into Litecoin. This is done via major banks like Maybank and CIMB Bank.


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