Available in several languages, LiteForex is one of the online portals that offer services in Forex (foreign exchange) trading and other related services. This is a portal which is specifically catered for anyone who would like to invest in forex in all levels, starting from the beginners to the experts and more experienced.

For beginners or those who are looking to Forex trading as a secondary source of income, LiteForex could be an ideal choice. This is because LiteForex is an online Forex broker in which it offers a wide variety of services and facilities online. This include listings, signals, related information and any other resources to help individuals who are looking to enter Forex trading.

Meanwhile, HotForex is one of the best online Forex brokers around. The company is based in Mauritius where traders are able to access the interbank facilities through the MetaTrader 4 platform. HotForex provides services that are applicable to the Forex market.

Background of LiteForex

Started in 2005, LiteForex started as a brokerage company which dwells mainly in the area of Forex trading. Then, the concept was to provide services for its customers to trade in the international Forex market. It became the first company that offered a cent account where you would only need an initial deposit of US$1 and then work your way up from there. A year later, the Russian office was opened and LiteForex continued to expand its services by introducing a trading community for better communication between traders.

LiteForex expands to Asia-Pacific

The Asian and Pacific market saw LiteForex’s introduction in 2007 and it was this time that 2 more languages were introduced, namely Malay and Chinese that appealed to traders around Asia. After that, LiteForex joined the RAFMM or Russian Association of Financial Market Members as well as sponsoring the ForexPeoples community.

Mobile friendly award winning platform

Among the awards that LiteForex has garnered include the ‘Affiliate Program Innovated’ during the ShowFX Asia show in 2010 and before long, it introduced the Multirebate programme. In 2011, the trading platform was introduced for the mobile platforms of iOS, Android and Blackberry for better connectivity to its clients and the service quality was recently confirmed by half a million traders in the countries LiteForex operated in.

Starting with LiteForex

Opening an account with LiteForex is very easy where apart from Forex, clients are able to invest and trade in other markets like metals and futures as well as in the world stock market. It takes only a few minutes to register an account with LiteForex where you can start immediately after confirming your application.

LiteForex and MT4

Using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, you will find that your investments are easily carried out as this is the most commercial and popular engine used by forex traders around the world. A unique feature offered by LiteForex is its special bonuses that gives you more grounds to increase your deposit, thereby increasing your chance of earning more.

Safe and Conveniet

Trading Forex through LiteForex is safe, secure and convenient. It implements the most secured and commercially available measures while you can enjoy the unique Multirebate service as well. This is where you will be able to earn more profits through this partial spread rebates scheme
Apart from actual investing and trading, you will be able to find some very useful analysis and tips resources here. This is where you can enjoy the actual forex analysis that provides accurate forecasts while generating very relevant situation analysis information. On top of that, you can have a flexible withdrawal scheme where you can withdraw up to US$100. To regulate and encourage more trading, LiteForex will occasionally hold contests where you can stand to win cars, bikes, gadgets and even cash prizes.

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