What is the Main Market?

The Main Market in Bursa Malaysia is actually a combination of the former Main and Second Board companies. Today, companies which was previously listed under the Main and Second Board of the then Bursa Saham Malaysia are all coined in the Main Market. This was made through a unification process which took place in August 2009.

The reason this exercise was carried out was to streamline all the processes, rules and regulations for companies to be listed in one market where it would help to lower costs of regulation as well as to provide shorter time-to-market duration. Basically, if you are trading shares through the main companies in Malaysia, you will be trading through the Main Market. The other market in Bursa Malaysia is known as the ACE market which are more industrial specific.

The Main Market in Bursa Malaysia is where companies list their shares for trading and you will find the likes of MAS, AirAsia, Petronas and others. Under the Listing Requirements (LR), the company must ensure that at least 25% of its total shares issued are spread for public shareholders. Generally, the Main Market is where most share investor try to earn their profit by buying and selling of the respective companies’ shares.

The Main Market is part of the 2 markets under the Securities Market of Bursa Malaysia where it currently holds 823 companies. Under the Main Market, products such as shares, REITs, ETFs, Warrants and such are traded on weekdays from 9am to 5pm apart from public holidays. Pre-opening hours start from 8.30am to 9am and from 12.30pm to 2.30pm is the midday break. 4.45pm to 4.50pm is the pre-closing session while last trading in the Main Market starts from 4.50pm and the market closes at 5.00pm.

At the end of each day, the performance of the 30 largest companies grouped by their full market capitalisation on the Main Market will determine the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index or FBM KLCI which will give you an overall sentiment on how the market fared for that particular day. this was previously known as the KLCI Index since the unification of the 2 boards.