Malaysia-based CoinGecko leads the way to incorporate Crypto and Art


Since the cryptocurrency market became popular, almost every industry seems to be on board. Finance companies and investment firms are surely the first and main drivers of this industry and before long, the consumer market followed suit. It is not surprising to find that the culture and social markets are fast becoming a major part of the crypto market too.

Enter the world of NFTs

NFTs or Non-Fungible Token are basically digital assets that can come in many forms. It can be a short movie or film, an image or even a digital art piece. These items come in digital forms and they have some value associated with them. As such, NFTs are verified with the authors for authenticity. In other words, if you are a digital artist and produced a piece of work, it can be verified and listed as an NFT and could be sold for a certain amount.

Promoting art to the world

CoinGecko recently announced that they will be launching an initiative to promote crypto artists to the world. CoinGecko is a Malaysia-based data aggregator. The world-leading firm launched the ‘NFT of the Day’ initiative recently that will showcase one artwork each day. This was done to create more awareness among the crypto community in art appreciation.

To further this move, CoinGecko has launched ‘NFT Spotlight’, where it is aimed to connect artists with more audiences. The firm will be directly connecting with crypto artists and then providing the space for them to showcase their artwork. This is catered for both current and upcoming artists. Besides their artwork, NFT Spotlight will also publish the backstory of the artists, highlighting their processes respectively.

As such, they now have the ability to connect to a wider range of audiences over the CoinGecko community. The first artist to jump on board this project is Sven Eberwein who has been quite a name on the NFT platform. For this collaboration, 3 artworks have been produced which are up for auction on OpenSea. Users of CoinGecko can use their Candies if they are interested to bid for these artworks and other products.

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