Malaysia Statistics Department

Malaysia Statistics Department
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A common practice among statisticians in doing research is to explore the problems of estimation procedures, computation, hypothesis testing or modeling. This is normally followed by the modification of the methods to resolve the issues at hand. This workshop attempts to introduce a different approach in doing research whereby the participants will be provided with different samples of data, followed by examples of issues that an be explored based on the data. Among the issues that will be discussed include strategies to create a research problem by combining various statistical analyses related to issues that can be created from the data. In addition, this workshop will expose the participants with a range of
ssues relating to computation, particularly the R software, to solve problems.

   To actively participate in the improvement of statistical education at all levels.
 To promote excellence in statistical practice, research, and publication.
 To enhance society’s awareness of the value of statistical method.
 To increase the visibility of the statistics profession.
 To diversify career opportunities for statisticians.
 To expand our circle of influence through interactions with professional societies, government agencies, and other organizations.

 To expose the participants with strategies for data driven research
 To provide a platform for knowledge sharing among researchers

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