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Latest Malaysian Business News Find out what is happening in business world around Malaysia and the region. Gain insights into what is performing and which industry is currently the most talked-about. The latest business news at your fingertips, you will be the first to know if it is happening and even if it is not. Stock Market News The Stock Market News segment provides you with the current and upcoming information about the ins and outs of the Malaysian stock exchange as well as those in the surrounding region. Find out more about any insider news to give you more leverage in your investments and to learn more about which stock is worth investing and which is not. Company Performance Check out all the current companies that are ‘hot’ in the market. Learn more about their performances and what they have been up to by browsing through the reports and other related documents. Business Related Jobs Do you desire to work in a top business firm in Malaysia? Check out the available jobs in the market here. From sales to marketing, accounting to finance, risk management to actuarial science, find one that suits your career path here. Directors and Icons in Malaysian Businesses Do you know the difference between Tan Sri Robert Kuok and Tan Sri Tony Fernandez? Besides being the directors and icons in Malaysian businesses, they are highly successful individuals who lead large corporations. Check out what makes them so successful and be inspired.

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Who are the top richest men in Malaysia? How did they make it to the top? Read all about it in our Top Richest Men in Malaysia segment and find out how they started out and what got them to be at the pinnacle of wealth among Malaysians and perhaps learn a trick or two. Business Seminars Browse through all the events and business seminars lined up for the coming months. Join the events to give your business a boost. Business Tips Do you run your own business or is in a major role for your company? Check out our business tips provided by successful businessmen in the market and learn how to implement them for your own. From tips and tricks to strategies and planning, you can have all the knowledge at your fingertips.]]>