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Best tips for businesses

Bookmark this page so that you can enjoy the most relevant and best business advices. Learn about the legislation and taxation matters, among others here. You must know what type of accounting and company law if you are to run your business in the country.

Latest Malaysia Business Trends

Check out the latest trends among businesses in Malaysia and what people are looking for. This includes knowing how entrepreneurs and business owners are using modern tools like Whatsapp marketing and digital advertising to expand their reach to new customers.

How to be a positive leader, genuinely!

If you are a leader, you would always want to have an outlook that exudes confidence and affirmation. This is the culture every leader wants

Top habits to a better life. PERIOD!

Habits are important in life. In many moments of our lives, we start to adopt certain habits which we think would be best to help

10 Rules on how leaders execute things

Ever wondered why football clubs always sack their managers when the team fails to perform? Why are leaders always the first to go when they

Tax benefits to help SMEs

Running any business means you need to find ways to reduce cost and maximise profit at all times. This is made easier if you are