LinkedIn is one of the major players in the online Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading industry. It is owned and operated by the SafeCap Investments Limited company which is based in Cyprus. To ensure that offer only legitimate and fully transparent services in this investment sector, it is regulated by the CySEC or Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and the MiFLD or Markets in Financial Instruments Directive respectively.

Major player in online forex trading provides a regulated trading platform which is safe, secure and licensed in which clients are accorded with the best online forex trading experience. One of the most rapidly growing brokers in the world today, provides trading in the Forex and CFD areas respectively. This can be done through several trading platforms that cover the MetaTrader 4 engine, one which is widely regarded as the de facto standard in forex trading today.

User-friendly and easy to navigate

Customers can now enjoy up to 20 different languages when trading through, among many other services available. As one of the leading forex trading brokerage firms in the world, was recognized and acknowledged for its services. In 2012, it received the ‘Best Customer Service’ award at the London Investor Show Forex while it garnered the ‘Best Broker in Customer Service Europe 2012’ given by the Global Banking & Finance Review.

Fully recognized

Services provided through are among the best and most recognized in the world today where being a fully licensed broker in the EU, it is regulated by the CySEC as well as through the Bnaque De France, the BaFIN, FCA and other EU regulating agencies.

As a customer of

In opening an account with, you will be provided with a list of top-notch and industry leading services. As customer service is the main philosophy behind, you can rest assure that you are always the priority. Therefore, has made opening an account hassle-free and very convenient.

Accounts in provides a Practice Account option in which you will be given a free trial of using the accounts to trade in the forex market. This will not involve real funds as it is aimed at giving you the chance to familiarize yourself with the market and the trading practices. It is basically a training account that offers demo services. After registration, you can start using the Practice Account with an initial virtual fund of US$100,000. Where needed, there will be help and guidance along the way so that you can get used to trading through

Trading on this platform

There are various methods and techniques when it comes to trading through You can trade using a minimum transaction size which is dependent on the instruments that you are trading in. One of the major factors about trading in is that there are no commissions or fees charged in trading. You are given the full freedom to manage your own accounts and to decide on which market to invest in. meanwhile, you can trade using a maximum leverage of 200:1 where you can open a position that could potentially open up to 200 the size of your initial deposit in the account.

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