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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to invest in a ready-to-run business? Is franchising your current consideration? Do you want a business with an established brand that does not need any form of aggressive marketing?

If your answers are yes, perhaps you might want to consider buying the franchise for Marrybrown Restaurant.

Fast-food chain brand

Having started more than 36 years ago, Marrybrown fast-food chain stands among big names like McDonald’s’ and KFC in Malaysia. To date, this name has a strong following and a very good reputation for serving value-for-money food for everyone.

In fact, this local brand has grown to other parts of the region including Indonesia and China, to name a few.

Pros and Cons of this business

What makes Marrybrown such a good business to invest in is its price. The franchise fee starts from RM120,000 per branch and you can get one up and running very soon. Besides that, you have to pay a 4% royalty from your gross profit and an additional 3% for advertising.

As such, Marrybrown is known to be among the lower ones when it comes to initial startup capital. This is a Malaysian brand which means you can attract a lot of local customers but compete with global brands which could be quite challenging in its own way.

What do our experts say?

Generally, Marrybrown is a fast-food chain with a local twist. Offering localized items on its menu, it appeals very well among the local crowd. There are currently many global brands in this market but that does not mean Marrybrown is pale in comparison.

  • Brand Reputation – Strong, especially among locals.
  • Initial Capital – Franchising fee is not on the high side but renovation and startup are high.
  • Return on Investment – Good if the location is appropriate.
  • Location – Ideally in food areas in shopping malls. Like other fast-food chains, you could operate in shop lots as well.
  • Customer Segment – Families and shoppers.

The Final Word

Compared to all the other fast-food chains, Marrybrown is perhaps the lowest when it comes to startup. Operations would be similar as you need to maintain overheads and staffing. This is a good business to venture if you have enough funds to stay operational for at least a year or two.

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