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There are many opportunities when it comes to education and childcare. While most brands would claim to be the best, it is in offering good and value-for-money services that could give your business the upper hand.

A distinguished name in education

One of the names that you can consider if you intend to venture into the education industry is Math Monkey. This is one area of business that you should enter only if you have the passion to educate children and the youth. It is after all a long term business and parents are putting the future of their kids in your hands.

The Math Monkey Business Opportunity

Math Monkey is an education supplement service to provide modern methods in teaching kids to love mathematics. In fact, its philosophy is to emphasize the fun being the key to learning which will then derive more interest among its students which will then bring about better success rates. The Math Monkey is designed to offer education to the students while promoting better self-confidence and creativeness too.
To start this business, you need to have a passion to educate the youth. Then, there is an RM15,000 franchise fee that you have to pay. The location is quite important as you want to be conveniently situated in a good location. On top of that, you need to pay a 20% royalty from your revenue every month while starting with about RM100,000 for all the purchase and overheads required including training and marketing.

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