MATRADE stands for the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation which plays a pivotal role as the National Trade Promotion Agency of Malaysia. Its main mission is to promote Malaysia’s export of goods that are ‘Made In Malaysia’ so that the world is able to know about what the local entrepreneurs can produce.

MATRADE is the main agency which can help you in every way if you are in the trading business. Whether you are a local exporter of Malaysian goods and services or planning to import from other countries into the Malaysian market, MATRADE is your best reference point.

Through the years, MATRADE has brought many local companies and expanded them into the global markets. This has been carried out through programmes like trade fairs both within and outside the country, trade missions organized by MATRADE together with the relevant ministries and many others.


The main focus of MATRADE is to help in the export of manufactured and semi-manufactured products from Malaysia to the world. Meanwhile, a selective range of imports are involved as well. This means that if you are planning to be involved in any form of export or import of products with Malaysian companies, you would appreciate the assistance of MATRADE in many ways.

Besides that, MATRADE is involved in providing training for local exporters in improving their international marketing strategies while offering relevant advice and resources on market and commercial intelligence on specific sectors.

Roles and Responsibilities

MATRADE is responsible in raising the profile of Malaysian exporters in the global market. Where necessary, it helps in providing relevant market intelligence resources for Malaysian companies to help them to become more competitive globally.

MATRADE operates many initiatives to introduce Malaysian companies in a global scale and helpt o promote Malaysian products and services abroad.

Core Areas

There are several core areas that MATRADE is involved in which help to equip Malaysian companies with the needed information and resources to compete in their respective markets.

This includes:

Exporters Development – Malaysian companies that are looking to export overseas must be aware of the competition in overseas markets. They must be aware of the high quality of products in terms of packaging, branding, health and safety standards and others before they can carry out such initiatives. As such, MATRADE helps to educate these companies on these areas through training, incentives and other areas.

Export Promotion – This is one of the main roles of MATRADE which helps in raising the profiles of Malaysian companies overseas. Through trade missions, trade fairs and specialized marketing missions, MATRADE propels Malaysian companies into the global arena while holding business matching programmes between local and foreign companies.

In fact, MATRADE is the first and initial reference point for any foreign importers by virtue of being the national trade promotion agency of Malaysia as it can offer the best and most legitimate information.

Trade & Market Information – MATRADE acquire and disseminate all kinds of market intelligence and information to Malaysian companies to help them in their businesses. It has up-to-date and relevant collection of resources which can be used by the respective parties for trade and other purposes through initiatives like the Business Information Centre, MATRADE’s Portal, MyExport and MySMS, among others.

Trade Advisory & Support – This is an important Core Area that MATRADE offers which is provided through the Client Relationship Management Unit that helps entrepreneurs and exporters through consultation and advice using all types of communication channels available.

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