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Mayban Ventures has assembled 12 investment professionals to evaluate your proposals. Their investment teams have professional experience in private equity/venture capital investment, fund management, corporate advisory, and risk management. Before investing in a company, they typically assign a team that familiar with the company’s technology, product or service, market and industrial focus.

This same team remains involved with the company in respect of post investment monitoring for corporate advisory and risk management needs. By utilizing a team approach, they guarantee that every portfolio company receives personalized attention. They take pride in being a value-added investor by bringing more than money to the table.

This team is guided by members of the Board and Investment Committee whose deep and hands-on competencies lend keen insights into execution and business development issues relating to the industries which the funds invest in.

As Fund Manager and Investment Advisor, their management team strategically lend its “eyes and ears” to the investors by providing the following services:

  1. Identifying, evaluating, recommending and managing attractive investment deals;
  2. Negotiating on entry value as well as terms and conditions of investment on behalf of the investors;
  3. Seeking value enhancement oppportunities on behalf of the investors;
  4. Churning out monthly and/or quarterly reports to investors; and
  5. Addressing business issues which may arise during post investment.

Expansion to Asian Countries

The expansion to Indonesia follows the Group”s initiative to solidify its asset management businesses under one roof which currently consist of Maybank Asset Management Sdn. Bhd. and Maybank Private Equity Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Mayban Ventures Sdn. Bhd.) in Malaysia, Maybank Asset Management Singapore Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as KE Capital Partners Pte. Ltd.) in Singapore and Maybank Asset Management Thailand Co. Ltd. (formerly known as Kim Eng Asset Management (Thailand) Co. Ltd.) in Thailand to allow greater focus, capitalise on economies of scale, achieve efficient collective work processes and to enhance Maybank’s reach across the region. By having a strong network in Asean, Maybank Asset Management intends to be truly differentiated through its strong local presence and expertise in Asian focused investments. Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Maybank AM, Nor’ Azamin Salleh said, “Indonesia being the region’s largest economy with Gross Domestic Product of USD 878 billion in 2012i, world’s fourth most populous nation and one of the fastest growing countries in ASEAN with a rising middle class and affluent consumers are solid reasons to entering into this market. Despite the current volatile market condition, we are here for the long term as we are confident that Indonesia will continue to outperform due to its strong domestically focused economy”. Azamin said that Indonesia was an obvious choice for expansion given the positive outlook on the sustainability and potential upside of its economy coupled with a foreseeable high demand for investment products. In addition, the company’s strategic expansion to the republic is moving in line with that of parent company Maybank“s regional expansion strategy.


They pride themselves being a financial investor, able to offer the following value add propositions.

1) Access to Maybank Group Financial Services

By working with them, your needs for financial services can be fulfilled under one roof. As a subsidiary of Maybank Group, your company can access to many financial and banking facilities offered by Maybank Group such as investment banking, commercial banking, finance, insurance and also asset management.

2) Bumiputra Status

As the fund manager for institutional investors, the investment will be able to facilitate the fulfillment of Bumiputra portion as required by Bursa Malaysia and as the relevant authority may determine. Most of their institutional and high networth investors are classified as Bumiputra investors. Hence, they are able to assist in fulfilling requirements for Bumiputera allocations in investee companies.

3) Forming Strategic Alliances or Partnerships

With their networking developed over 14 year of investment experience, they are able to assist you to form strategic alliances or partnership with existing clients in their portfolio or within Maybank Group’s network.

4) Provide Business Synergy

Their exposures and experience in many industries equip us with the capabilities to identify opportunities deal with business development issues and to refine execution plans. Their network extents to regional and international VCs alike with a wealth of experience and a comparable network base, they are able to assist in your company’s expansion plans in Malaysia and abroad.



They invest in companies that are capable of listing on the Bursa Malaysia within 2 to 3 years from initial investment.

For Pre-IPO funding, they will approach and finance companies that will eventually fulfill the requirement for an IPO.

Their deal size is RM15 million. Their role is to articulate and present the pre-IPO opportunities directly to investors and subsequently manage the investment on behalf of such investors until realisation.


a) The Inflexion Fund

The purpose of the Inflexion Fund is to grant funding to growth stage companies specialising in life sciences, technology and technology-related ventures and are bound for a listing and quotation on any qualified stock exchange. The Inflexion Fund will only invest in the companies formed and whose principal operations are located in Malaysia.

b) Mayban Venture Capital Company Sdn. Bhd. (“MVCC”)

The key industry sectors targeted by MVCC are technology-oriented companies engaging in promoted activities defined under the Promotion of Investment Act 1986 for Pioneer Status and Investment Tax Allowance. MVCC will also consider companies that may qualify for MSC status and meet MESDAQ listing requirement in due course. Under the purview of MVCC, they invest in start-ups and early stage and also Pre-IPO stage companies.


Mayban Agro Fund’s objective is to invest in agriculture, aquaculture and biotech based private businesses. The investment focus is to create and develop the “integrated agro” concept in Malaysia, thus benefiting not only the larger industry players but also creating a spill over effect to the traditional farmers, breeders and fishermen.

Investment in “Integrated agro” concept businesses, defined as :

a) Integrated Fisheries

Inclusive deep-sea fishery, in-land breeding and off-shore aquaculture as well as related downstream processing and services activities.

b) Integrated Livestock Farming

Rear beef and dairy cattle: poultry and deer, halal meat processing, production of animal feed and related downstream activities.

c) Integrated Horticulture Crop Farming

High value farming including organic farming and related downstream activities.

d) Biotechnology & Food Technology

Biotechnology, including but not limited to agrotech, food manufacturing packaging and distribution.

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