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Are you looking for a business opportunity in the beauty and healthcare industry? Do you have what it takes to run this business through a franchise of a brand with a strong reputation?

Opportunities in Healthcare and Beauty

Make no mistake about it, the healthcare and beauty industry is one of the most popular and fastest-growing industries in the world today. This is the same scenario back home in Malaysia as well. There are to date hundreds of different brands, all offering high-quality products and services where some are local while others from abroad. Meiko is one of the brands you can consider if you would like to venture into this market.

Why Franchise Meiko?

The Meiko brand philosophy is that it believes good health will form the foundation of good wealth. As such, people should put more emphasis on health. As such, Meiko taps into this awareness in offering a broad range of healthcare products formulated in Japan. Besides that, Meiko offers other products in slimming and detoxification as well. To date, it has already grown to more than 7 branches after nearly 10 years in the market. This has put Meiko on the strong market list which is why it would be the sound business to franchise in.
There are a 1% marketing fees while you need to pay RM50,000 for franchise fees. Your initial capital would be about RM400,000 while you will need to find a location which is convenient for this business to run.

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