Menara Optometry Franchise Business Opportunity


What is the Menara Optometry business?
This is a brand that is seen in shopping malls offering eye care services. It provides and sells eyewear and all its complementary products and services for customers of all ages and groups.

What is Menara Optometry’s background?
Menara Optometry was established in 1996 and has since grown to become a large optometry outlet across the country. Reputed as Your Family Optometry Centre, it has become a preferred name where customers come for their eyewear solutions.

What does Menara Optometry sell?
Menara Optometry offers a wide range of in-house and branded frames and lenses for its customers. This also includes contact lenses and other complementary services like cleaning and maintenance. It uses the latest optometry equipment to ensure the highest service quality for its customers through qualified optometrists who are registered with the Malaysian Optical Council.

How big is Menara Optometry?
There are to date more than 30 locations where Menara Optometry is operating. The vision care market in Malaysia has been growing steadily with an average of 15% per annum. Said to be worth more than RM1.5 billion, the vision care market is very promising especially in the fashion and trending segments.

Why should I consider Menara Optometry?
This is a market which has good profit potential. Through Menara Optometry’s franchise program, you will learn how to operate the business successfully. Besides that, they have a tried-and-tested customer retention programme that includes direct marketing and customer follow-up initiatives.

  • Initial Capital – RM250,000.00 – RM450,000.00.
  • Franchise Fee – Not publicly available and upon request
  • Return on Investment – With a high startup cost and overheads, you would need funds to sustain the business for at least 4 to 5 years.
  • Location – Location is not a priority but would surely be a strong advantage.
  • Customer Segment – Customers who need prescriptive eyewear with the potential of entering the fashion eyewear segment.

The Final Word
Vision care is not an easy business to run if you do not have the knowledge or passion. While you can hire qualified optometrists, you would need to have some background knowledge in this market segment. This simply means it is a segment that can be very specialized and niche too. What you can enjoy in this business is repeat purchases through long-term customer relationships who will always come back to you once their first purchase was a good experience. The investment is on the high side and you would need sufficient funds to sustain yourself for the first 5 years.

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