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Our SMEs play an important role in Malaysia’s economic modernization program. Their potential to make signifi cant contributions to the economy is well recognized and supported at the highest levels.

To survive in today’s increasingly competitiveness and challenging global economic environment, our SMEs need strong capabilities and competitive edge.

They need to adapt to current trends and adopt the strategy of utilizing the latest technology, skills and know-how to develop differentiated products fast and good. Equally important as high productivity and cost effi ciency is the need to explore and exploit new areas of growth.
Today there is world wide emphasis on green technology where Malaysian Government is equally committed to the goal of sustainable development and the promotion of sustainable environment through green technology.

In line with this, the government has set aside a RM1.5 billion fund to provide soft loans to suppliers and users of green technology which offers great opportunities for our SMEs. SMEs should seize this opportunity to venture into new opening which can contribute to the overall sustainable development.

On the same note, Malaysian SMEs should also look into adopting the Cleaner Production philosophy which is defi ned as ‘the continuous application of an integrated preventive environment strategy applied to processes, products and services to increase eco-effi ciency and reduce risks to human and the environment’, under the United Nations Environment Program.

Eliminate, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Treat and dispose waste as the key Cleaner Production strategies can lead to substantial cost saving for our SMEs whilst at the same time fulfi lling their social responsibility of promoting a safe and clean environment.

With the impending economic rebound, it is time for SMEs to gear up and move up the value chain in line with our new economic paradigm.

This 9th edition of the SMI/SME Business Directory published by Tourism Publications Corporation Sdn Bhd will play an important role as an agent of information dissemination in this process. I would like to say ‘Well Done’ to the publisher and wish them every success in its future endeavours.

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