MISC Berhad


MISC Berhad is one of the most established shipping companies in Malaysia. It is one of the top 50 public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia which trades under the counter 3816 of the Main Market.

MISC Berhad history

The company started out in 1968 making it one of the oldest shipping corporations in the country. Then, it was known as Malaysia International Shipping Corporation Berhad. This would be the name that it would go with although the acronym MISC has already been adopted. It was only in 2005 that the name was changed to MISC Berhad officially.

Performance of MISC Berhad

MISC Berhad’s share has always been one of the most stable ones in Bursa Malaysia. In fact, this is one sector which has been very resilient as compared to others. The leading international shipping line of the country’s major shareholder is the nation and is the leading oil and gas company Petronas. With such a strong backing, it is no surprise that the investor confidence is constantly high. Among the principal businesses that MISC is involved in includes:

  1. Ownership and operations of ships
  2. Ownership and operations of offshore floating facilities
  3. Marine repair and maintenance
  4. Marine conversion

Engineering and Construction works

Consumer perception

As a shipping line company, MISC is among the best in the region. This is a niche sector which is very unique to MISC, which means that it has quite a good standing among competitors. Besides that, MISC is involved in freighting solutions for very specific products like vegetable oil and chemical products across the world. Subsidiaries like Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Sdn Bhd (MMHE) help to ensure MISC delivers a full range of services in this sector to its customers while operating its own fleet of education institution as well.

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