More Malaysian women into Cryptos now


Malaysia has been one of the most active markets when it comes to cryptocurrencies. In recent years, the Malaysian financial market has been booming and cryptocurrencies too have had their share of the limelight.

More investors are now aware

Investors in Malaysia are open to various forms of investment engines. From shares to REITs, properties to unit trusts, they have become more aware of what is available to them. The Securities Commission of Malaysia recently awarded licenses to 3 Digital Asset Exchanges to Luno, Tokenize and Synergy. This shows that investors are now more receptive to cryptocurrencies.

Diversifying investor profiles

What makes it interesting these days is that there is a growing number of female investors in Malaysia, particularly in cryptocurrency. According to Luno Malaysia, 20% of their users are women in 2020. A year before that, it was only 12%. Within this group, over 60% of them are aged from 30 to 39. More than half of the female investors prefer Bitcoin among other cryptos. Meanwhile, there is also an increasing number of monthly transactions among female users.

Modernizing investor’s mindset

What makes this such a significant scenario is that women, especially in Asia tend to be more conservative than men when it comes to investments. However, it does not mean that they are mostly passive. Luno has claimed that its women investors are actually quite aggressive when they invest on its platform. That said, they are still mostly cautious although there could be a possibility that cryptocurrency could provide some form of sustainability in the future.

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