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MYEG is an online platform used by Malaysians from all walks of life. Owned and operated by MY E.G Services Berhad, it is fondly known simply as MYEG. To date, it is one of the most efficient platforms that connects individuals and businesses with some of the primary government services.

Homegrown name for Malaysians

The MYEG platform carries out many functions providing the public with access to government-linked services like payment of assessments and summons, among others.

In other words, MY E.G Services Berhad typically offers E-Government services without individuals needing to physically visit the departments anymore.

This channel is built, operated and maintained fully by MYEG connecting Malaysians and businesses to the related government agencies and departments across the country.

Background of MYEG

The MYEG name started out in 2000 and has been operating and expanding rapidly ever since. Being a premier digital services company, MYEG is the flagship E-Government services provider with some very essential services offered.

The services offered range from public and governmental transactions to healthcare, financial to automotive, immigration and many more.

Among their latest involvement is in promoting the use of blockchain technology to improve the general well-being of Malaysians. MYEG’s services are not only limited to Malaysia but span across other countries like Indonesia and the Philippines as well.

Services Provided by MYEG

Over the years, MYEG has grown to become the top-of-mind brand when it comes to E-Government services. Among their major services are as below.

Bankruptcy & Liquidation

This service allows users to carry out bankruptcy search as well as for any companies that have been liquidated (public or private companies)

Kuala Lumpur City Hall

Users are able to check and pay for services offered by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall or Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. This includes:

  • Checking and payment for assessments by DBKL
  • Renewal of DBKL Licenses
  • Checking and payment for compounds issued by DBKL

Immigration Department of Malaysia

MYEG provides a platform for users to renew their foreign workers’ permits. This platform can also be used to renew their maid’s working permits which will then be delivered to the employer’s premises.

Road Transport Department

Users are able to use the services offered by the Road Transport Department or JPJ that include:

  • Road Tax Renewal – Offered for cars and motorcycles that come with next-day delivery
  • Checking and payment of summons by JPJ – Users can check any summons issued by JPJ using their vehicle registration numbers.
  • Renewal of Driving Licence – Online platform for users to renew their driving licenses in Malaysian drivers.
  • Application for Learners Driving Licence – This is for users above 16 years old
  • Transfer of vehicle ownership – Vehicle owners can temporarily or permanently transfer ownership of their vehicles

National Registration Department

Individuals can apply for replacement of their MyKad for upgrades. Besides that, they can request for a replacement for damaged cards.

It must be noted that for the replacement of MyKADs, there will be a nominal fee involved as stipulated by the NRD. Users can check on the amount and make payments directly via MYEG.

MYEG does not provide delivery of MyKAD where the user has to determine which NRD Branch for colletion.

Polis DiRaja Malaysia

Under the services of PDRM or Polis DiRaja Malaysia, individuals can check for summons as well as pay any outstanding amount owed to the Royal Malaysian Police force.

They are also able to request or purchase accident documents under the ADPURS (Accident Document Purchasing System)


For related individuals, you can make zakat payments through MYEG. This includes any assessment and payment of zakat based on the individuals’ own personal income, shares, gold or others.

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myeg malaysia
MYEG Services

MYEG is an online platform used by Malaysians from all walks of life. Owned and operated by MY E.G Services Berhad, it is fondly known

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