Ong Leong Huat


Investment and Property Tycoon of Malaysia

Tan Sri Ong Leong Huat is the Group Managind Director of OSK Holdings Berhad. This is a company that needs little introduction particularly from the finance and investments sector. Tan Sri Ong holds the Chief Executive Officer’s post in OSK where he was first appointed to the board since 1990.

Tan Sri Ong has a net worth of around $280 million which puts him at the 28th spot of the Forbe’s richest Malaysians list. He started out in 1969 where he grew his career in various portfolios before taking over the helm.

From a company involved mainly in investments and such, he grew the company and ventured into property development. Today, OSK Property develops some of the major projects in Shah Alam and Cyberjaya with many others around the Klang Valley in the pipeline.

OSK is a public listed company of which 80% of the shares belong to Tan Sri Ong. Besides stock broking, treasury and property development, OSK is involved in other business areas including holding a commercial banking license in Cambodia, among others.

Tan Sri Ong’s Net Worth

$280 Million

Age 71

Source Of Wealth

As a major shareholder in OSK, Tan Sri Ong’s main source of wealth comes from financial services and other investments.

Kuala Lumpur
Marital Status
Tan Sri Ong’s wife is Puan Sri Khor Chai Moi
There are currently very limited information available on Tan Sri Ong’s educational background

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