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The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) introduced the ECOS (Electronic Client-Ordering System) in 1995 which provides stockbrocking companies to direct their clients’ orders through to the exchange. They use a propriety system which is used by users to dial into the stockbroker’s system. This will require the stockbroking company to upgrade their systems to allow for such facilities to their clients. Once implemented, the clients can then check their stocks online as well as receive quotes and such. because of the fact that the internet uptake at that time was still low, the system did not gain the popularity that it has hoped to. In Malaysia, you can trade only through a few licensed representatives or remisiers.

Compared to the ECOS, you will not be able to send in your orders straight to the exchange, instead you will be inserting the information to the BFE (Brokers Front-End) system. The remisier or the broker will have to direct your orders to the exchange using the SCORE (Computerized Order Routing and Execution).

Once there is a right price, the orders will be matched which then payment will be cleared using the SCANS (Security Clearing Automated Network System). To trade online, you must ensure that the broker and the remisiers are licensed by the Securities Commission, and that their trading facilities are approved by the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

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