Oriental Holdings Berhad


Oriental Holdings Berhad is a conglomerate with business interests in various sectors. It is a public listed company in Bursa Malaysia with the stock code 4006 in the Main Market.

Pacific Oriental

Established in 1963, the company started out as a private limited entity before going public in 1964. This is one company which is involved in various diversified business areas including:

  1. Automotive
  2. Hotels and Resorts
  3. Plastic Products
  4. Plantation
  5. Investment Holding and Financial Services
  6. Investment Properties & Trading of Building Material Products
  7. Healthcare

Consumer perception

The share price of Oriental Holdings Berhad is quite stable considering the different industries that it is in. The company has a presence in many countries across the world including Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Mauritius, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Perhaps the most significant name that Oriental is known for is its association with Kah Motors and Boon Siew which are the distributor of Honda cars in Malaysia. Meanwhile, the Bayview hotel chain is under this group as well which is around the country and in Australia. A lot of its plantation businesses are overseas in Indonesia.

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