The plantation industry is one of the most dynamic markets in Malaysia because while the economy is moving away from agriculture, a large portion of the income still comes from this category. Malaysia’s rich resources of rubber and palm oil provides a lot of revenue for companies in the plantation industry and these companies therefore are listed in the mentioned category in Bursa Malaysia’ main board.

Most plantation stocks are not known to be as active as other counters although every once in a while, there would be one or two (like IOI Corp) which register surprise results. This is due to the upcoming projects and how they will influence the group’s overall performance. You can now share your information and your insights with others here.

You will find that the plantation board is mostly made up of companies which are Malaysian and among the most popular counter here is IOI Corp which currently is a major property and service industry giant in Malaysia. IOI is a company which achieved remarkable success in palm oil before embarking into property. Hence, their counter IOI Corp is listed in this segment. Other companies with stocks traded here include AAsia, BKawan, Cepat, Dutaland, FarEast, Unico, TSH, RSawit, PLS, Malpac and KMLoong.


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