Plus500 is one of the many reputable online forex (Foreign Exchange) trading platforms. It is one of the most renowned online brokerage companies that help you to invest better through its online system while providing relevant and informative resources to help you make sound investment decisions.

Plus500 provides a very convenient method to help you in your forex trading where among the services offered include delivery of trading facilities while it is a leading provider of CFDs (Contracts for Differences). The company operates from its main office in the United Kingdom where there are several offices located around London.

It is officially registered and regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) to provide CFD where it has a strong presence in this market in the Europe region while growing rapidly in Asia as well. As one of the leading forex trading portals in the world today, Plus500 hosts services that are delivered and used by more than 1 million clients around the world.

Plus500 ensures that your money is safe and secure when you invest through them. This is because after opening an account with Plus500, your money will be held on a segregated basis in order to minimize the risk involved as required through the guidelines and requirements of the FSA. The company started in 2008 where it launched its computer-based online trading platform. A year after that, the company started offering CFD on shares without charging of any commission and by 2010, the web-based version which is compatible with most platforms and smartphones was launched. In 2011, Plus500’s client base reached the 1 million mark and now carries out more than 2 million transactions each month. Through Plus500, you can enjoy the best max leverage offered as well as the best rates around. Plus500 does not impose any charges of commissions. This gives you more freedom to trade in more areas throughout the time you are online and active.

Plus500 does not only provide trading in forex but in other markets like shares, commodities and indices as well. However, in forex trading you can now enjoy a no commission and fixed spreads investment methods. It offers an RM500 free start-up with no deposits required to get you on the right direction.

There are a wide variety of tools and aids that will help you in making the most sound and best investment decisions while you can enjoy low spreads between the buy and sell prices as well. The free trading platform enables you to view professional graphs, understand and grasp the profit and loss limits better while Plus500 offers a wide range of currency pairs. There are in fact more than 50 forex pairs with leverage here to choose from which goes up to 1:50 leverage.

Opening an account with Plus500 is easy and convenient needing only minutes to complete and finalize. Payment and transactions can be made through using most major credit cards or online payment systems like PayPal and such. After that, you can start trading straightaway.

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