How to be a positive leader, genuinely!


If you are a leader, you would always want to have an outlook that exudes confidence and affirmation. This is the culture every leader wants to build in their respective teams. But you know that being a leader is challenging because you are dealing with people.

Challenges and Obstacles

The view from the top can at times be quite lonely. If you are a bad leader, you might at times feel that you are alone and everyone in the organization is out to get you. You will find the road ahead to be very challenging and at times, you even want to give up.

Steps to leading successfully

Basically, you need to be positive but you might be in danger of being in denial. As such, having a genuine positivity in leadership will help you earn the respect you deserve. Here are the steps to get there.

  1. Step 1 – Know your own emotions. If you do not know your own emotions, no one will. If you constantly feel bad about yourself or have negative emotions, then you need a change. This is the first step that needs to change so that you break away from negativity like fear of failure, self-doubts and such.
  2. Step 2 – Overcome your fear – Whatever you are afraid of, you need to overcome them. After all, you are the leader and you need to be the master of your destiny. Your team members will not be able to help you. If you think you are not smart enough, you need to do something to feel you are that smart.
  3. Step 3 – Know the truth – Always look for the truth in anything you do. Motivate yourself with positive phrases and beliefs so that you do not get swayed with lies and negativity. You are the master of your thoughts and if you know and have the truth, no one can create any form of doubt
  4. Gratitude – if you feel gratitude, you will be less stressed. After all, it is not really possible to be stressed and thankful simultaneously. You should appreciate what you have instead of whining about what you don’t. That will then help you to be happier and in return more positive genuinely.
  5. Command yourself – You need to instruct yourself to do what you want not the other way. This is the very practice of some of the greatest achievements in history because when we let our minds tell us what to do instead of telling it, we create self-doubt, sub-consciously.
  6. Document your success – For every success or milestone you achieved, document it so that you keep track of what you have done and if anything did not worked. When you read them again, it makes you feel good and ready to take on new challenges

All in all, the traits above will give you a more positive outlook of yourself which will then create more confidence and in return makes you a more influential leader.

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