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There are several major channels for one to understand Forex namely Forex trading courses, Forex Software and Guides. Forex software is the easiest method to learn Forex trading. Simply install the software and complete the steps required. The software are usually equipped with historical market data for users to make comparison with the pre-planned strategies. Other than software, beginners can choose to attend and register in various trading courses.

Forex and investment events

Of course, the workshops and courses impose fees as qualified traders will brief you on ways to read and interpret charts as well as methods to predict currency movements. In Malaysia, it is difficult to find a college or university to offer courses concerning Forex. However, institutions from other countries often organise workshops and short courses for those who are interested within the country. Hence, do not miss out the chance to attend the intensive courses. Another option is to join online courses and webinars to learn basics of Forex trading.

Workshops, Seminars and Webinars

Events in forex and financial market trading are often held throughout the year. Below are some that might interest you.

Forex Seminar: Beginner Masterclass

This is a free-of-charge seminar which is designed for beginners. The workshop is held for one day where the trainer will demonstrate how to trade in the financial markets (particularly in foreign exchange). This can be used either as a side income or to become a full-time professional.

Forex Copy Trading Event

This is a short 2-hour course which provide you with knowledge on how copy trading is practiced. You can learn how people have been successful in adopting this strategy through the use of a mirror trader and a technical system that works.

Forex Scalping Mini Workshop Class

This workshop is free of charge but has limited seats. The idea of this workshop is to offer attendees with 2 major areas which are PMA or Price Movement Analysis and MMP (Market Maker Psychology). It is designed based on the knowledge and the expertise of the trainers which will help the attendees to become a full forex fund manager.

How To Start Making Money From Forex With No Experience?

As the name implies, this half day workshop is a live session organized by the Ace Profits Academy. The trainer is Mr Marcus Lau who is the co-founder of the eSmart Profits and Full-Time Trader. Mr Lau has been helping traders and investors to make money and be profitable in the money markets for more than 10 years now where he will be training attendees with the best and most efficient ways to become profitable in the money markets.

The JF Lennon Malaysia FREE Introductory FX workshop

If you have done your research, you will surely come across the name JF Lennon. This workshop have benefited thousands of traders across the region. If the forex market is what you are after, then this is one workshop you don’t want to miss. Its proprietary Forex Price-Action System Strategy is the one that will give you great insights and excellent strategies to kick start what you want in the forex market.

Document all transactions

Before joining an online course, gather as much information as you can to ensure that the course is legitimate and reliable. Read testimonies provided on the sidebar of the homepage and inquire on the details of the course as well. Finally, here are some last-minute tips for all – it is advisable to purchase the currency when it is low. In addition to that, make sure you do not invest more than the amount you can afford to lose. Jot down each transaction for future reference.

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