Property and Real Estate Expo


Property Developers
This expo is an ideal platform for property developers to showcase their latest projects to the market. It usually attracts a lot of potential property buyers and investors who would like to know more about any upcoming new properties that will be available around the country. At the expo, the property developers can showcase their models and brochures while offering more detailed explanation on what they offer to walk-in customers.

Real Estate Agents
Agents that offer services in the real estate industry are involved in this fair to offer their services. This includes the likes of renting of commercial and private properties, evaluation of properties from the owners and any other services that they provide.

Bumiputera Property Showcase
At the Property and Real Estate Expo, there is usually a large group of Bumiputera customers who are looking for new properties or land. This is because the Bumiputera community enjoys higher discounts and special promotional rates when it comes to buying and investing in property. Developers in this segment can use the expo to showcase their offerings to this group.

Financing Options
Buying or investing into property and real estate requires careful financial planning and a lot of assistance. Banks that offer property loans for customers and businesses use this expo to offer any form of financial aid or assistance to anyone who is interested. Apart from that, the agencies and authoritative bodies are usually at the expo to provide advice or any related consultation for customers like first-time home owners, foreigners and expatriates, among others.

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