Public Bank Berhad


The banking sector in Malaysia will never be the same without Public Bank Berhad. Helmed by Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piow as the Non-Executive Chairman of the group, he is a true story of rags-to-richest who made Public Bank Berhad one of the top and most stable banks in Malaysia.

Public Bank Bursa Malaysia

Listed in Bursa Malaysia under code 1295, Public Bank Berhad is perhaps one of the most profitable public listed companies in the country. The bank went public in 1967, a year after it was established. Public Bank has a strong reputation for being a very stable bank. Among the reasons why it has such a reputation are:

  1. Over RM360 billion in assets and RM70 billion market capitalization in 2015
  2. Malaysia’s largest bank in terms of shareholders’ funds
  3. Second largest bank in terms of market capitalization in Malaysia
  4. Malaysia’s third-largest bank by total assets after Maybank and CIMB Group

Services and products

As a financial company, Public Bank has a broad range of products offered for its customers. This include:

  1. Consumer banking
  2. Commercial banking
  3. Islamic banking
  4. Investment banking
  5. Share Broking
  6. Trustee services
  7. Nominee services
  8. Unit Trust Funds
  9. Insurance
  10. and many more

Consumer perception

One of the best reputations that Public Bank has is in its financial performance. With consistent prudent management of funds, it has been given AAA rating by the Rating Agency Malaysia. In fact, Public Bank has been confirmed to be among the most stable banks in Asia, standing among the top banks like DBS Bank of Singapore. To date, it has more than 250 branches in the country with subsidiaries in countries in the region including Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and Hong Kong.

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