Public e-Islamic Pioneer Entrepreneur 40 Fund – Why everyone is talking about it? Is it because you get to invest in Google and Microsoft?


Public Mutual Fund recently launched the Public e-Islamic Pioneer Entrepreneur 40 Fund or known in short as PeIPE40F to add to their impressive list of unit trust offerings for its customers. Unit trusts have often been regarded to be more stable than other forms of investments, especially among Malaysians. Most investors turn to unit trusts for long-term stability and not having to worry about where their money is going since the pool is managed by a team of experienced fund managers.

A new and exciting investment option

The PeIPE50F was announced in April 2021 and has since been raising eyebrows all across the country ever since mostly because of the markets that the fund will be investing in. Since its launch, a lot has been said about being able to invest in some of the top stocks in the tech markets overseas.

Banking on leaders and founders

As the name implies, this fund focuses on pioneers and leaders of the industries. The PeIPE40F puts emphasis on companies that are led by their founders. This is based on the principle that some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world today are being managed by their founders. As such, they have a strong and clear direction of where the company is heading moving forward. The founders also have a strong vision and plan in growing their company. Thus, these companies have robust plans to sustain in the long-term and will benefit from better innovation as well.

A stable Islamic-based investment

While the focus of the PeIPE40F is on pioneer-led companies, it plans to invest in up to 40 Syariah-compliant stocks. At the point of purchase, the underlying principle is that the company’s founder sits on the board of directors or is part of the management team of the firm. Hence, the PeIPE40F can focus strongly on the key stocks focusing on:

  • Good fundamentals in terms of the company’s direction and development plans
  • Strong earnings growth potential for all terms
  • 75% to 98% of the NAV or net asset value of the PeIPE40F will be investing into these Syariah-compliant equities. The rest will be put into Sukuk and Islamic liquid assets.

What is the potential of the PeIPE40F?

Generally, we are looking at global companies where the leaders are still very much involved in the operations of such companies. Hence, the PeIPE40F basically invests in large tech firms such as Tesla, Microsoft, Tencent and Facebook, among others in areas like 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Besides the tech sector, the PeIPE40F is also looking at investing in companies in consumer and healthcare which have been rising up the ranks of investment markets lately. The benchmark for the PeIPE50F for performance is 47.37% for 1 year, 62.12% (3-year) and 112% for (5-year). This represents one of the best and most stable options if you have wished to invest your money overseas.

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