Relocating to Malaysia for foreigners


As a foreigner, Malaysia might be a place to consider if you are looking for a different lifestyle and one which is rich and affordable. Relocating might be a daunting task and you want to go to a place with the minimal hassle and headaches. If that is your concern, Malaysia might be a good choice.

What is Malaysia?

There is just too much that has been said about Malaysia. From being a tropical paradise to food haven, you will like what you see and experience if you have been here before. Should you decide to migrate or settle down to Malaysia, you can expect:

  1. Good tropical weather
  2. Foreigner-friendly environment
  3. Great healthcare
  4. international schools for your children
  5. Affordable housing
  6. Special schemes for foreigners

Working in Malaysia

Perhaps the best option to relocate here is to find work here. As an expatriate, you have guaranteed employment and can be quite highly paid. With the currency, you get to enjoy a lot more than other countries especially when it comes to an expat package. You need to ensure that your employer has sorted out all the necessary applications like getting your work permit and for the period of term required. Once you are here with the job, you can consider settling here for a longer term.

How much should you earn and how much would you spend?

Most expats in Malaysia earn way above RM10,000 per month. On top of that, you might enjoy extras like transportation costs, one-time relocation allowance, children’s education, housing subsidies and such. At the end of the day, the salary must be able to cover your expenses. As a country, Malaysia is quite affordable when it comes to living expenses. A typical meal should not cost you more than RM10 (unless you dine at posh restaurants). A night out will cost about RM200 to RM500 depending on where you go and how you are spending.

Can you settle here in Malaysia?

Now that you have an employment in the country and like what you see, you might want to consider staying for a longer period of time. You can consider starting your own business or settling here for the long term. Among the options that you can consider are:

  1. MM2H – This is known as the Malaysia My Second Home or MM2H programme. As the name implies, it allows foreigners to enjoy certain benefits in Malaysia. besides given a 10-years multiple-entry social visit pass, you can open a local bank account and buy a house here. There are requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible for this scheme.
  2. Resident pass – Another way to stay here for a longer period of time is to obtain a resident pass. This means that you either marry a Malaysian citizen (like the USA’s green card but different allowances) or have some form of family ties with a Malaysian citizen in one way or another.

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