Robert Kuok – Richest Man in Malaysia

robert Kuok malaysia Richest Man

The name Robert Kuok has been synonymous with sugar for decades. In fact, so renowned is he with this industry that he was given the unofficial title of ‘Sugar King’ not only for Malaysia but in Asia as well. It was reported that Kuok had once produced and supplied up to 80% of the total sugar for Malaysia and 10% of the world’s sugar supply. That is a daunting figure by any means as the consumption of sugar is one of the highest among other daily needs.

How did Robert Kuok start his business?

Robert Kuok has been married twice where he has 8 children. He went to school at Raffles College where he was born to a commodities trader. Despite his wealth and stature, he is very much a hands-on person who still very much is involved in the running of the Kuok Foundation. He was once a schoolmate with Lee Kuan Yew, the most illustrious Prime Minister of Singapore.

Robert Kuok and his brothers founded Kuok Brothers Sdn Bhd and his end-to-end master of the sugar supply in Malaysia saw him rising through the ranks. It was during the post-independence years that he cultivated his business that expanded to the likes of London and other countries.

Age is just a number for Robert Kuok

Not one who would rest on his laurels, he is has been the richest man in Malaysia for the last decade or so. Following his success in the sugar business, Robert Kuok expanded into other sectors, emulating his style and vision to other commodities like flour. He would then build the largest flour mill in the country and became a major player in the corporate industry.

An opportunist in every business venture he was in, he spotted opportunities both within and outside Malaysia and worked with partners and governments to establish businesses in many countries that include Fiji, Singapore, Australia and China. Today, Robert Kuok’s business span various sectors that include his ownership in Shangri La Hotels, the Kerry Group and others which encompasses hospitality, animal feed, trading and others.

Net Worth
$11.8 billion

Source Of Wealth

Tan Sri Robert Kuok’s self-made billions come from his businesses in shipping, properties, leisure, palm oil and many others.

Hong Kong

Marital Status
Tan Sri Robert Kuok has 8 children from his 2 marriages. One of his sons, Kuok Khoon Ho chairs the Kuok Brothers while Kuok Khoon Ean is involved in day-to-day operations. His daughter Kuok Hui Kwong is the chairperson of Shangri-La Asia and is the Managing Director and Chief Executive of SCMP Group.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts/Science from Raffles College.

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