Robert Kuok now among the 100 richest in the world

robert kuok

The name Robert Kuok is one that needs no introduction. The richest man in Malaysia for so many years running is one of the most popular figures not only in the country but the region surrounding it.

Distinguished tycoon and businessman

Tan Sri Robert Kuok, fondly known as ‘Sugar King’ is a much-talked-about person although he is often known to shy from the limelight.

On paper, he has held on to the richest Malaysian for more than a decade now. His businesses span across the world, managed and run by his family members.

In a remarkable listing recently, Tan Sri Rober Kuok entered to top 100 richest individuals in the world and that is no easy feat.

Coming from the ranks

The listing published by Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Kuok’s net worth sits at US$15.5billoin where he is the 96th richest person in the world. This was taken based on his current worth in the month of November 2022.

Known for his early ventures in sugar production, Kuok has since diversified his businesses into other industries which have since been highly profitable.

This includes hotels, transportation and in finance. What makes Kuok such an important figure in the region’s economy is that his businesses have been operating very well due to good financial management and prudent operations management.

Kuok’s businesses have operated with excellent performance over the years that have seen and undergone several recessions, a global pandemic and many other challenges.

Kuok’s Business Legacy

The founder of the Kuok Group is influential in the region where brands under his management are seen in properties and real estate, logistics and transportation, hospitality, agriculture and the list goes on.

The highest contribution to his wealth comes from his interests in Wilmar International which is the biggest palm oil producer in the world. His network of Shangri-La hotels meanwhile remains one of the most distinguished names in the hospitality industry worldwide.

Still a down-to-earth man

While he has wealth that many can only fantasize about, Tan Sri Robert Kuok is known to be media-shy and down-to-earth. Often keeping a low profile and known to shy from the mainstream media, he actually owns the South China Morning Post, a prominent media company in the Asia region.

A lot of perspective and insights were illustrated and explained in his book “Robert Kuok: A Memoir” published in 2017. It gave an accurate account of his life and how he became the figure he is today.

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