Rotiboy Franchise Business Opportunity


It is not uncommon to see Rotiboy kiosks operating in shopping malls and department stores. Malaysians love their snacks when they are shopping and Rotiboy reaches the heart of this target segment.

How did it all start?
The brand’s origins date back to 1998 in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. It was first intended to sell freshly-baked bread and loaves for the community. It was in 2001 that Rotiboy started to expand. From Penang, it began operations in the Klang Valley and a year later, launched its ‘one bun that rules us all’. The ‘Bun Revolution’ then started in 2003 in Singapore and has since expanded to other countries. It has since baked more nearly half a million buns and the numbers are still growing.

How big is Rotiboy?
Back in Malaysia, the Rotiboy brand has become a household name where it is present in almost every major shopping mall across the country. Besides that, Rotiboy operates more than 200 stores across the world including Myanmar, Vietnam, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia and China.

What is Rotiboy known for?
The name means ‘bread boy’ which came from the close-knit relationship between the founder and his nephew. Their signature item is their buns which is often the sought-after item among its customers. So strong is the association of the bun with Rotiboy that customers tend to just refer to this as ‘rotiboy’ itself.

What do I need to know to operate a Rotiboy outlet?
You can operate your own Rotiboy outlet by being a franchisee with their program. Initial capital and franchise fees are not available and hence you will need to contact the main office for more information.

  • Brand Reputation – Rotiboy has a strong reputation in this market segment. At the moment, there are not many players that sell similar products, putting it in a very strong position.
  • Initial Capital and franchise fee – Not published publicly and available only by request
  • Return on Investment – You should ideally have funds to sustain your business for the first year. Expectedly, the initial startup cost might not be too high and you will enjoy a brand name that is very established.
  • Location – Moderately important. Rotiboy is a brand that customers will look for. While you do not necessarily need to be in a high-traffic location, being visible is very crucial.
  • Customer Segment – Mostly shoppers, regular customers and young groups.

The Final Word
What makes Rotiboy a good business opportunity is that it appeals very well to Malaysians. It has a very local brand image and has its own signature item. This creates a perfect formula for the Malaysian market. Depending on the cost of investment, this is a sound business to venture into if you are looking for something not too extravagant and yet profitable.

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