SEAL POLYMER INDUSTRIES BERHAD is a leading examination gloves producer listed on the KL Stock Exchange Main Board. Our current capacity for powder free disposable examination gloves exceeds 200 million pieces per month.

Seal Polymer combines the latest innovations in factory automation with strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices to ensures that our customers receive only the highest quality products on a consistent basis.

Seal Polymer constantly pursues opportunities for productivity improvements and operational cost efficiency to ensure that our customers can remain cost competitive without sacrificing product quality.

In addition to competitively priced quality products, Seal Polymer’s professional and responsive management team provides a business approach that our customers have found to be friendly, professional, consistent and dependable.

These three factors of quality products, competitive pricing and total customer satisfaction has enabled Seal Polymer to forge long-term partnerships with several of the largest healthcare companies in the world.


Your search for the perfect powder free glove ends here . Our environment friendly polymer coated examination glove is your answer . Our Polymer Coated glove is environment friendly because no chlorine is use in the process, unlike other powder free glove that uses chlorine to wash. Polymer Coated glove gives you the protection and the chlorine free process has no impact on the environment.

The product of online process, a new generation of powder free gloves.

For individuals who are latex sensitive and must avoid contact with latex , our Polymer Coated glove is the solution.


i) Environmental friendly
The polymer coated glove is chlorine free. No chlorine is used in the process unlike the other chlorinated powder free gloves that uses chlorine to wash.

ii) Odor – less
Free of the unpleasant chlorine smell that is associated with other powder free gloves.

iii) Great grip
Our proprietary process of polymer application guarantees consistently good grip of every glove.

iv) Barrier to latex protein
The barrier integrity of the polymer coating on the donning side ensure no contact between your hand and the latex glove.

v) Compatible modulus for flexibility feel and comfort
Designed for comfort , soft and yet has excellent strength for protection and durability. A fine balance of tensile strength and modulus achieves this.

vi) Easy donning and removal
Hassle – free , your hand just slips in , compliment of a great polymer application.

vii) Durability
This has a longer shelf life compared to chlorinated gloves. The physical properties of the gloves will remain intact as it is not subject to clorine leaching.

viii) Cost efficient vs. synthetic latex gloves This takes away your concern of latex protein allergy and cost less compared to nitrile gloves.


A very lightly powdered glove. Manufacture to very exacting quality standard complying to ASTM D3578 and En 455 – 1 , 2 & 3 to ensure a consistently reliable protective barrier for medical practioner. Our proprietary process is designed with an efficient leaching protocol that effectively reduces water extractable protein and the water-soluble chemical to minimum level.

The special features are:

– Low protein level

– Low powder level

– Compatible modulus for flexible feel and comfort

– Excellent fit and touch sensitivity

– Low in chemical known to cause dermatitis



Material : High Grade Natural Rubber Latex
Cuff : Beaded







Width (mm):

< 80 85 +/- 3 95 +/- 3 105 +/- 3 > 110

Length (mm) : minimum 240 Thickness (mm) :
Cuff – minimum 0.10
Palm – minimum 0.10
Finger – minimum 0.10

Physical Properties :

Before Aging

After Aging
( 70 +/- 2C for 7 days )

Tensile Strength (MPa)

min 21.0

min 16.0

Elongation (%)

min 700

min 500

Colour : Natural Colour

Donning Powder : USP Grade Modified Corn Starch
Quality Standards : Complies with/exceeds ASTM D3578 as well as
EN455-1,2 & 3 standards on dimensions, physical
properties and major defects, sample as per ISO 2859.

Allergenic & Skin Sensitization Test Results
1. Primary Skin Irritation Gloves found to be NON-PRIMARY IRRITANT
2. Sensitization ( BUEHLER ) Gloves found to be NON-SENSITIZING
3. Extracted Protein Content Below 200 ug/g
4. Powder Content Below 120 mg/glove

Contact Sensitizer Exclusion :

Proven contact sensitizers , not necessarily limited to the following , are generally not
detecable in our gloves.

Zinc mercaptobenzothiazole , mercaptobenzothiazole.
Zinc dibutydithiocarbamate , Zinc diethyldithiocarbamate or other carbamates

Thiurams eg. tetramethylthiuram-disulphide
Thiourea or its derivatives

Paraphenylenediamine tpye antioxidants like IPPD, DPPD etc.
Any other amine type antioxidants eg. polymerized 1, 2-dihydro-2, 2, 4-trimethyl quinoline
Phenolic type antioxidants eg. Wingstay L, Antioxidant 2246 etc.

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