Secret Recipe Franchise Business Opportunity


How did it all start?
The history of Secret Recipe dates back to 1997. Then, it was not how the café looks like today as it was not a bakery and definitely not a coffee place. It was only when Secret Recipe decided to combine the 2 concepts that it enjoyed success.

What does Secret Recipe sell?
Secret Recipe is a leading brand in Malaysia. It has the largest café chain in the country and is already a well-established brand among Malaysians. It serves a fusion of food, quality pastries and beverages that resonate very well with its customers.

How big is the chain?
Since 1997, Secret Recipe has been growing and to date, has more than 440 outlets not only in Malaysia but overseas as well. They have outlets in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Maldives and China too.

What is Secret Recipe selling?
Secret Recipe cafes offer the concept of a casual dining lifestyle environment. Some of their cakes have won awards on top of their other western and eastern dishes.

How strong is the Secret Recipe brand?
In terms of awards and accolades, Secret Recipe is one of the most successful Malaysian brands. Among the awards it has won throughout the years include:

  • Homegrown Franchise of the Year
  • International Franchisor of the Year
  • Franchise of the Year Best Sales Growth Award
  • Best Brand Food & Beverage Café Awards

Can I own a Secret Recipe outlet?
Yes, you can by buying the franchise license. If you are a franchisee, you will enjoy:

  • Support for advertising and promotions
  • Training on operations and business management
  • Support for site design and outlook
  • Visits by field agents

What should I know about running a Secret Recipe business?

  • Brand Reputation – One of the best and strongest names in this market segment.
  • Initial Capital – RM600,000.00 – RM650,000.00.
  • Franchise Fee – RM150,000
  • Royalty Fee – 5% from net sales.
  • Return on Investment – Operation cost is quite high so it might take a year or two before you break even.
  • Location – Extremely crucial. Most Secret Recipe cafes are at the front entrance of shopping malls. You can opt for shop lots with high traffic.
  • Customer Segment – Shoppers, diners and younger crowd

The Final Word
If you have the funds to buy this franchise, it would be a good investment. What makes this business a good venture is that marketing and branding is already well established. Secret Recipe’s brand has resonated very well in Malaysia and its customers. The outlets are always places that shoppers look out for in malls while they are popular hangout places in standalone outlets too. Hence, if you run a Secret Recipe outlet, it should be a stable and profitable business as long as you can sustain it for 2 years or more.

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