Semi-Retirement in Malaysia – Something you can surely plan from NOW!


Is your idea of retirement not working anymore after the age of 55 or 60? Would you be vacationing permanently and just laying by the seaside for the rest of your life? According to a recent survey, more than 53% of Malaysians said that their working life does not come to an end when they reach 60 years of age.

To retire or not retire?

That is the begging question, isn’t it? When you reach that age, should you stop working altogether or should you continue to work? Have you heard of the term semi-retire? Malaysians today are starting to catch on to this notion where:

  • You have reached the age of 60
  • You can continue working with lesser stress or working hours
  • You add on more time for leisure.
  • This could be in consulting work, part-time, freelance or running your own business

Enjoying life after work

Make no mistake about it. Semi-retirement is a big thing in Malaysia now. Most people view semi-retirement in a positive light. In the past, having to continue working after retirement has been viewed as the opposite. Besides continuing to have an income after that age, most Malaysians felt that it could keep their brain alert so that they are constantly active. The benefits of semi-retirement can be physical, mental and emotional.

  • They do not feel that they are not ‘needed’ by the workforce anymore
  • They can continue to do what they enjoy
  • It helps for an easier transition to full retirement at a later age.
  • It helps in a financial sense not having to fully depend on the children for expenses or use their EPF and savings.
  • It is a good way to ‘test the water’ on what they like to do after retirement.

Knowing what’s best for you

The only thing constant is always time and age. Retirement may not work for everyone and that is always a big issue. A lot of people who stopped working after retiring find themselves ‘growing old’ faster than they expected. This works both ways. The company might give you that option to semi-retire (by working lesser hours) after 60 but some might not be too receptive of this. You might try this and find that semi-retirement might not be your cup of tea. Remember that you do have your EPF which to some extent might not be sufficient to keep you going for long. The idea is to delay cutting into your EPF as long as possible.

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