Seminar – Make Formal Milestone through Result-Based Leadership Way


Business leaders must be updated, guided and motivated along their journey to manage and lead their business unit or team or organization in achieving their overall business objectives. Combined with comprehensive pressures and the constant need to adapt and change, the demands of strong leadership at every level of an organization are essential to its strategic alignment, effectiveness and success.

Leadership course with motivation

Come to our straight two days executive training workshop, where you will be updated with case studies and strategies from the Eastern and Western world of business leadership. It will be delivered in an open dialogue and in a post graduate learning format. And, finally they will be motivated with open discussion from our hands-on speakers on their wide range of business and academic experience world-wide.

On completion all participants will get a certificate of participation from us which fully supported by involved universities. But participation is limited to a group of 30 participants only on a first-come-first-serve basis. It will be held at an exclusive hotel at theRitz Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and delegates will be charge a minimal fee.

Tan Chong Education Leadership Development Program provides exposure to a spectrum of leadership frameworks and facilitates a reflective experience for each participant concerning their approach to leading capabilities they need to develop as leaders. It will help any business leader to appreciate issues like leadership effectiveness, organizational change and self sustainability.

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