Shangri-La Hotels Berhad

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Shangri-La Hotels Berhad is a public-listed company in Bursa Malaysia under the hotels’ sector. It is part of a worldwide brand offering hospitality services. In Bursa Malaysia, Shangri-La Hotels Berhad is traded under the stock code 5517.

Shangri-La Hotels and Robert Kuok

The hotel started out in 1971. It is part of the larger group Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited from Hong Kong. The hotel now manages nearly 100 hotels and resorts across the world and is founded by Malaysia’s richest man, Tan Sri Robert Kuok. The brands associated with Shangri-La Hotels Berhad are:

  1. Shangri-La Hotels
  2. Shangri-La Resorts
  3. Traders Hotel
  4. Kerry Hotels
  5. Hotel Jen

Consumer perception

With more than 38,000 rooms across the world, Shangri-La is a brand which has gone global and has been extremely successful. Started out in Singapore, it has grown to become a major force in the hotel and tourism industries across the world. The association with Tan Sri Robert Kuok has given Shangri-La a strong reputation which very much influences the stability of the stock price. As such, consumers are often confident of enjoying some of the best and rewarding experiences in the hotels operated by this group.

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