Are you looking for a franchise business in the Food and Beverage industry? Do you seek an established brand with many years of experience so you can get your operations running?

Sharetea – The Next Success Story

What you get when you venture into a franchise with Sharetea is a proven successful business. After all, they are pioneers in the Boba Tea industry worldwide with more than 60 stores in North America alone.

Besides that, Sharetea has been around for more than 25 years now and operates in 18 countries totaling to over 500 stores.

Evaluating Sharetea

With the proven track record, there is no denying that Sharetea could well be one of the best franchise businesses in the market. However, you must have the passion to build your business in the F&B industry to run this business.

One of the downsides of operating this type of business is that there are currently many names in the market which mean you have to cope with stiff competition with names that are around for a long time as well as those that are new entrants.

What do our experts say?

  • Brand Reputation – Strong and steady.
  • Initial Capital – High with RM1,000,000 franchise fee because of its strong brand influence.
  • Return on Investment – Medium to High due to premium pricing.
  • Location – Suitable for kiosks in shopping malls. Shop lots can be considered too.
  • Customer Segment – Youngsters, working adults and shoppers.

The Final Word

With a franchise fee of RM1 million, this investment is on the high side. However, it has a good standing among the customers because of its well-established brand image. With the on-going craze for boba tea, this business is a sound one.

The main hurdle is having the right amount of funds to sustain it. Rental and royalty fees as well as staffing will be challenging to maintain.

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