SME Loan by Validus Capital

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What is the SME Loan offered by Validus Capital?

If you are a small or medium business (SME) looking for funds to keep your business running, this is one loan that might suit your needs. Validus Capital is a great option to help businesses stay operational whether it is for working capital or for invoicing financing.

What is Validus Capital’s background?

Validus Capital has been around since 2015. The first loan was disbursed to an IT hardware supplier then and since then, Validus Capital has grown to more than 130 people working across its networks in 4 countries. To date, Validus Capital has financed more than SGD$1 billion in loans and funds for SMEs and businesses across the region. Today, Validus Capital is a member of the Singapore Fintech Association and has won numerous awards in the FinTech sector.

Why should I choose the SME Loan from Validus Capital?

It is understandable that businesses like SMEs in particular need cash flow to sustain. There are times when the finances can be tight and you will need a little extra push. This is the type of loan which will work well for your business. Validus loans are known to have good and competitive rates for those who have good repayment history. Unlike other moneylenders, the investor base at Validus Capital is mostly institutional investors which gives it a lot of stability. While other platforms charge disbursal fees from 3% upwards, Validus is between 1 and 2.5%.

What are the unique features of loans from Validus Capital?

If you are going to apply for a financing package from Validus Capital, your business must be in operation in Singapore for more than 2 years which is among the significant requirement from this platform. Then, you are eligible to apply for the financing amount between SGD$5,000 and SGD$2,000,000 depending on your eligibility. This can be for a duration from 1 up to 12 months. No collateral is required but it has a disbursal fee between 1 and 2.5%. the interest rate is between 0.7 and 2.0% per month which comes up to 8.7 to 26.8% per annum.

Am I eligible to borrow through Validus Capital?

Applying for a loan from Validus Capital is straightforward although you might need to meet certain requirements. If you are a business in need of additional funds and have been in operation for more than 2 years, you are generally eligible to apply for this loan. This option is ideal for businesses that have yet to generate a stable revenue stream which is often a minimum requirement for business loans when you apply from the banks. The application process is very simple and straightforward. Processing will take about 48 hours (2 days) and if your application is successful, you would receive your funds within the next day.

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