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You no longer have to deal with the complication and hassle of constructing a portfolio to achieve your long term goal because Southern Bank Investment Services makes it all easy for you. They understand that it can be overwhelming when confronted with a choice of over 100 funds to choose from. As such, they have shortlisted over 40 Unit Trust Funds from 11 well-established Fund Houses via a stringent selection process

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They understand that your corporation has different needs which may change over time. It is for this reason that the Corporate Financial Service team focuses on the origination and delivery of a full range of integrated financial solutions for you.

Southern Bank Berhad

Backed by a remarkable team of experienced and professional executives, they pride ourselves in providing “tailor-made” investment solutions, trade financing and project financing packages to better manage your risk and your growth.

To cater for your diverse and unique business needs, they offer the following range of investment products and financial services :-
Corporate Lending
They provide personalized financial solutions for your company. As they learn the dynamics of your business, we will adapt our solution to meet your evolving financial needs. Our products include Overdrafts, Revolving Credits and Term Loans which can be tailored to match your specific financial needs.
Trade Finance
SBB’s expertise in trade is at your disposal to mitigate the many risks and problems faced when conducting local and international trade such as delays in receipt of payments or the receipt of inferior products.
Project Finance
Using SBB’s expertise and knowledge, they are able to provide your company with flexible, risk-reducing and evolving financial solutions to meet your needs. When it comes to tendering, securing and launching your projects, timeliness and flexibility in funding will be the main essence of a successful and profitable venture.
Loan Syndication
Through our experience, they will be able to help you syndicate your loans rapidly in order to meet your funding requirements.
Financial and Project Advisory
SBB’s professional advisory teams are dedicated in meeting your financial goals. This includes advisory on suitable financing structures and packages for projects.
Electronic Investment Solutions
An award winning electronic investment solution that provides you with added convenience, security, and cost savings. It is able to provide you with real time account balances and fund transfer, online application of remittances and trade instruments, and direct crediting.
They will assist you in understanding and evaluating various investment options before selecting the right Unit Trusts to meet your overall investment objectives*. With more than 40 Unit Trust Funds from 11 Fund Houses available at over 100 of your Southern Investment you’re sure to find the best service, highest level of qualified advice and the right investments to achieve your financial goals. Take a look at what SBB Investment Services has in store for you:

 The ART of Investing

  • Choice
    SBB is the first local entity to offer the convenience and access of such a large number of funds at so many locations. This will make it easy for you to find the time and place to take care of your important investment matters. A comprehensive Fund Fact Sheet on each fund is available for your reference. With this information, they can help you identify which funds will best satisfy your short, medium and long term financial objectives.
  • Personalised
    Before you invest, they will take you through the SBB Process, a step-by-step investment decision making process which ensures you make the right choices. Whether you are saving for your child’s education, trying to pay off your housing loan early or looking forward to a comfortable retirement, they can help. By evaluating a broad selection of unit trusts, not only for performance, but costs as well, we can ensure you benefit, to the fullest, from your investments. Our Financial Executives will assist you by providing valuable information in making investment decisions. You will be able to sleep well at night knowing that you have made educated choices for the prudent management of your money.
  • Quality
    Our service is transparent, structured and unbiased. They will provide you with up-to-date information about the funds you would like to invest in. Because of our unbiased approach, you can rest easy knowing that investment recommendations are made with your best interests in mind.
  • Convenience
    A consolidated statement detailing the value and performance of your investments is available to you at any point during your investment horizon. This statement will provide you with up to date information that will allow you to monitor your investments with ease. No more will you receive pieces of mail from every Fund House whose fund units you own. With over 100 branches nationwide, you can be assured that you will be able to conduct your Unit Trust business from almost anywhere in Malaysia.
* All investors have different objectives, which must be closely observed and considered in conjunction with each individual’s Variability Tolerance Level when selecting investments (complete our questionnaire to determine your Variability Tolerance Level).Great features of SBB Investment Services for your benefit:
  • Wide variety of funds to choose from
  • Comprehensive information available
  • Unbiased fund analysis & suggestions
  • Consolidated statements of unit holdings
  • Systematic portfolio rebalancing
  • Automatic monthly investment available

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