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Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you have the business acumen to run a sports center that caters to those who like to work out and get involved in team sports? If you are any of those, then the Sports Planet franchise is worth considering.

Constant popularity in Malaysia

Futsal is a sport that is loved by many across the world. In Malaysia, the situation is not any different. Tapping into this market can prove to be quite a good investment as there is a good ready-market.

When it comes to team sports, players are ready to make the effort to play the game. This gives you an advantage as you can operate in different places even if they are residential and non-commercial regions.

An established name in futsal and sports

The Sports Planet brand is one that is very established in Malaysia. In fact, it has more than 13 futsal venues across the country and is actually quite known overseas as well. That is the reason why it has won various franchise awards.

What do our experts say?

Getting into the Futsal business has its challenges. This means you need to have knowledge of the game and be passionate about sports.

  • Brand Reputation – Strong brand reputation especially among sports lovers.
  • Initial Capital – Quite high. You will need about RM450,000 to start this business.
  • Franchise fee: RM30,000
  • Royalty Fee: 5%
  • Return on Investment – You will need sufficient funds to sustain the business once it is operational. However, maintenance is constant.
  • Location – You will need a large space preferably warehouse-sized outlets.
  • Customer Segment – Young adults and students.

The Final Word

The best thing about running an outfit like Sports Planet is that there are a lot of possibilities in the business. It is not just about Futsal but you can operate other sports like basketball too. This business can be quite scalable is you know how to go about with it.

The only challenge is that you need a large space to accommodate more courts. This means you will have to pay more for overheads unless the premise is self-owned. Location is not so much a concern as it does not need to be highly visible areas.

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