Supwave Automotive Car Care Centre


Are you a car enthusiast who would like to venture into this area of business but not sure of where to start? Are you meticulous in car maintenance and is looking for a good business opportunity to put your skills to good use?

A unique offering in the automotive industry

The Supwave brand is a franchise that you can consider if you have an interest in this market. It is a car beauty center business which has a good reputation and brand image. Offering a wide range of car care services, the technology comes from all around the world like England, Germany and the USA.

Channeling the best for cars

You have a large customer pool when it comes to car beauty. Through the Supwave Car Care Centre, vehicle owners enjoy the best car grooming products in the market. Besides car wash, this business also provides paint recovery services.

Another unique service offered is Vehicle Fumigation which cleans the interior of the vehicle while protecting it against odor and dirt. Basically, this business takes care of the customers’ vehicles while offering them a comfortable waiting place.

Looking for motivated entrepreneurs

With some background knowledge, it will help. But if you don’t, you will receive training and support when starting this business. This includes helping you on how to start and solving issues in the operating of this establishment.

What do our experts say?

The Supwave business can be an interesting option for a business because it is unique and the vibrant automotive industry in Malaysia. Vehicle owners are passionate to keep their properties as new as possible and that is your unique selling point.

  • Brand Reputation – A growing name but needs time to expand.
  • Initial Capital – Medium level, with about RM150,000 average.
  • Return on Investment – You will need funds to sustain for the first 2 years. But once you have returning customers, the income can be constant.
  • Location – Convenience is the key. You might need 2 shop lots to accommodate more cars but it must be spacious and easy to locate.
  • Customer Segment – Vehicle owners, mostly new car buyers.

The Final Word

A car wash outlet can offer a lot of income opportunities as you will always get returning customers. If they are satisfied with the first time, they will be sure to come back every time and this can go on for years.

To start this business, you might need some time to establish your brand name especially if you are in a new location. That might take some time which means you need to have reserves to sustain.

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