Richest People

Tan Sri Dato Lee Oi Hian & Dato Lee Hau Hian


Making Millions from Chemicals

Sitting at joint 15th of the Malaysian richest are Tan Sri Dato Lee Oi Hian & Dato Lee Hau Hian. The Lee brothers hold a majority of shares in Batu Kawan, a part of the larger Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad company. Batu Kawan is largely involved in the chemical and oleochemical market.

The Lee brother’s father is no stranger to the Malaysian business sector as well. He is the Tan Sri Dato Seri Lee Loy Seng. Where Hau Hian holds the Managing Director’s post in Batu Kawan, Oi Hian is the Chief Executive Officer of Kuala Lumpur Kepong or KLK. KLK was first established as a plantations company and has enjoyed a lot of success in this sector.

Today, KLK continues to be actively involved in this market where it holds an impressive collection of land banks both locally and internationally.

Lee brother’s Net Worth

$915 Million

Source Of Wealth

The Lee brothers’ wealth comes mostly from their shares in the plantations sector via KLK. This is mostly in the palm oil industries. However, their chemical and oleochemicals arm have been surpassing expectations and have contributed significantly to their wealth as well.

The Lee brothers reside in Ipoh, Perak
Marital Status
Both the brothers are married
No data is currently available about their children
The older brother, Oi Hian is a graduate of University Malaya where he holds a degree in Agricultural Science from University of Malaya and a Master in Business Administration holder from the prestigious Harvard Business School.
Meanwhile, Dato Lee Hau Hian holds a Bachelor of Science (Economics) from the London School of Economics and Master in Business Administration from Stanford University, USA.