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Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King – Rimbunan Hijau


Rimbunan Hijau Group, as the name implies is a company which is mainly involved in the plantations and timber industries. Founded and led by Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King who is from Sibu, Sarawak, the company is the parent company which is involved in timber, plantations as well as in ICT, media and hospitality.

The multinational company started as a timber company and today has expanded its wings to other countries around the world that include the likes of New Zealand, Equatorial Guinea, Paupa New Guinea, Indonesia, Russia and Gabon.

It is the largest single logging operator in Papua New Guinea and through its media arm, Rimbunan Hijau owns the national newspaper in the country.

It all started with a humble timber contracting business in Sibu by Tan Sri Tiong who built his business throughout the years where he is currently the tenth richest man in Malaysia.

The king of Timber industry in Malaysia

The timber industries took a global hit in the 1980s and since then, Rimbunan Hijau went into a diversification exercise that saw the company venturing into new areas like reforestation, ICT, property development, shipping and many others.

It was at this time that Rimbunan Hijau, under the leadership and foresight of Tan Sri Tiong that it grew by leaps and bounds and expanded to other countries.

In Australia, Rimbunan Hijau is involved in property investment and cattle farming while the company also runs a timber and sawmill operation in British Guyana.

It owns a media company in Cambodia and in the United States and has ventured into China through its mining and oil, property development and plywood manufacturing.

On top of that, Rimbunan Hijau is also toll road collection operator in China while in Hong Kong, the company runs a tour and travel operations as well as a media company there. It has since invested in the Biotechnology industry in Korea while reforestation efforts have been run in New Zealand.