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The McDonald’s name is the leading fast-food brand in the world. In fact, much like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s leads in most of the markets it is in and this is the same in Malaysia. Not many people know that the person responsible to bring McDonald’s to Malaysia is none other than Tan Sri Vincent Tan, the founder of Berjaya Group, one of the largest and most successful companies in Malaysia.

It first arrived in Malaysia in 1980 when Tan’s Golden Arches Restaurants obtained the franchise licence from McDonald’s Corporation, USA and in 1982, the first outlet was opened in Jalan Bukit Bintang, which is still operational until today. Today, McDonald’s Malaysia operates more than 200 outlets around the country and is constantly growing. According to reports, the fast-food chain is growing at a 20 to 25 outlets each year.

McDonald’s Malaysia has one of the largest and most well-managed staff force in the country in which it employs around 10,000 local staff and had in 2009 and 2011 awarded the AON-Hewitt Best Employers in Malaysia. As a restaurant operator, McDonald’s Malaysia offer Halal food where it is supplied by its partnering company, MacFood Services Sdn Bhd. It also include its own local menu like McEgg (which have since been discontinued) as well as the Ayam Goreng McD, which remains as one of the most popular choices among Malaysians today.

In 1988, the first Drive-Thru restaurant was opened and that would set the next course of how McDonald’s restaurants would operate today. From there, the company would move on to more charitable efforts through the RMCC (Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Charities Fund of Malaysia. Apart from Malaysia, Golden Arches is also involved with operations in Brunei which began operations in 1992 and a year later it was opened in Sibu in Sarawak through its franchise programme.

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